An overview of the Zurvita MLM home business opportunity!

Turbo-charge Zurvita with the Success Stories Group Support Center!

Introducing Zurvita, the #1 explosive growth MLM!

Honestly, everything you could ever want in a home business opportunity and much more!

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School: The most advanced training in the industry.

Reality based training that eliminates the traditional sales process!

System: Step-by-step with multiple layers of support.

You are never alone and everything you need to succeed is all in one place!

Self: The final frontier for self-improvement.

This business is 100% personal development! Master the mind and master success!

You will be a success story with the Success Stories Group.

The success formula is simple: Success Story = School + System + Self!

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founded by Colter C. Brinkley, M.S.
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Are you looking for that one perfect MLM Company you can call home?

Then join Zurvita, the #1 Explosive Growth MLM Home Business Opportunity!

Not all MLM companies are the same. Watch the above video and learn why Zurvita really works! See for yourself how everyday people are becoming true Success Stories part-time with Zurvita! Have you heard of Visalus? Visalus was the last company to experience real explosive growth. Imagine being in Visalus before it exploded, but you had a far superior product, easier Team Bonus money and the easiest car plan in the MLM home business opportunity world! And this is just the beginning. Plus, you are getting into Zurvita just as it is exploding. The timing is perfect!

We are the featured company in the "Success from Home" Magazine and we are at Critical Mass!


Success from Home Magazine featuring Zurvita!


The timing is perfect! Zurvita is at Critical Mass. To join a company at this stage is a once in a lifetime opportunity. This is what every savvy business person and entrepreneur wants. If you are honestly seeking a business opportunity, then don't wait another minute. Join Zurvita right now and be a part of the fastest growing group, the Success Stories Group. You get it all with Zurvita and the Success Stories Group...

The #1 Explosive Growth MLM

personel bio picDo you want the winning lottery ticket? Does an entrepreneur want to be in the right place at the right time? Do you want to be one of the "Take Action" winner types that joins an MLM home business opportunity at the right time? Think smart! In the United States Zurvita went from under $400,000 to 6-million a month in just 15 months. Do you know what happened to Visalus when they hit 6-million a month? Boom! Don't miss this!

The #1 MLM Compensation Plan

personel bio picDo you know what MLM company holds the world record for the largest monthly residual income check? Well Zurvita pays more! The Zurvita Compensation Plan was designed so that the average person can climb to the top quickly. Zurvita's All-Star plan can help you earn multiple bonus checks as you are building your new business. The Zurvita car plan is the easiest in the MLM home business industry. Watch the Compensation Plan video's below!

Experience the Ultimate MLM Product

personel bio picColter Brinkley, founder of the Success Stories Group came out of MLM retirement because of just one ingredient in this product. Do you know what the most nutritious food source on the planet is? And this one amazing ingredient is just 1-of-39 Super Foods and nutrients found in the Zurvita Zeal product. Imagine a product that really sold itself! Most people feel a difference within just 5-20 minutes. We will send you a FREE Doctor's Report and sample to prove it!

Experience the Ultimate in Weight Loss

personel bio picWhat makes the Zurvita Zeal Weight Management Program diffferent from every weight loss program in the market is Zeal Wellness. When you feed you body what it needs, energy goes up, cravings decrease and weight management becomes easy. Imagine being on a diet and not being hungry, having more energy and you actually feel better and want to exercise. And the protein shakes really are delicious. Zurvita is exploding because of Zeal!

The Power of Internet Marketing

personel bio picDid you know that Colter Brinkley, the founder of the Success Stories Group is one of the first people in the United States to get a Master's Degree in Internet Marketing?

If you want to truly exploit the "Perfect Timing" of Zurvita, then you want the power and leverage of Internet Marketing working for you. Inexperienced to experienced, you will learn how to use 24/7 Automated: Marketing, Presentations and Support for prospecting and downline MLM support!

Easy 24/7 Automated Marketing

personel bio picImagine a marketing tool (print or digital) that all by itself was able to explain why no other wellness product in or out of the MLM home business opportunity industry could compare.

Now add to this that all you do is give someone a sample of Zeal and within 5-20 minutes they can feel a difference. Any new distributor can succeed with this 1-2 retail punch system! Check-out the revised Doctor's Report. This is just one of many amazing marketing tools that Success Stories Group members have in their Zurvita MLM tool box.

Easy 24/7 Automated Presentations

personel bio picDid you know that the Webinar is the highest converting tool in the world of Internet Marketing. Now add Colter Brinkley's Zeal for Life Challenge presentation that is holding an 85% closure rate for retailing and recruiting!

When you blend these two high conversion models with the latest in automated Webinar technology, you have the perfect MLM downline builder. This works without you! We have designed Automated Presentations for retailing and recruiting. Let 24/7 technology build your new Zurvita MLM home business opportunity!

Easy 24/7 Automated Support

personel bio picNow that you can automatically build an MLM downline, all that is needed is for someone to train, support and guide your team. Well, we have that covered as well. Introducing the SSG Support Center!

Imagine an automated system that communicated and guided each person in your MLM downline step-by-step on how to build and grow their new Zurvita home business opportunity. Everything they need is in one easy to use Support Center. Sneak a peek! This website eplains why you want to be a Zurvita Consultant in the Success Stories Group!

Understand why the Zurvita Compensation Plan is the industry winner!

Start earning money immediately. Nothing works like this!

And with the All-Star Bonus program, you can earn full-time income immediately!

Watch this short video and see for yourself how easy this can be!

In addition to monthly residuals and recruiting bonus income, you also have All-Star Team Bonus income. The Zurvita Team Bonus plan is what allows everyday people to have an honest means of earning full-time income quickly. This is the secret as to why people are doing so well and fast in Zurvita. It is also part of the reason why Zurvita just stated the explosive growth process.

Click here if you would like to download the Zurvita Compensation Plan and/or the Zurvita Income Disclosure Statement!

MLM Warning: Not signing-up with us today could be the biggest financial mistake of your Life! Call the person who introduced you to Zurvita and get started right now!

Want to learn more? Are you ready to get started? Call Now! 949-369-2554

Zurvita Global International Expansion is beginning!

2014 is the official launch of Zurvita Global expansion. Zurvita is currently licensed in the USA, Puerto Rico and is Pre-Launch in Canada. If you do not live in the USA, Puerto Rico or Canada, then Click Here! If you live in the USA, Puerto Rico or Canada, and need more info or want to become a Zurvita Consultant (Distributor) then call the person that introduced you to Zurvita or Click Here now!

Have you tried the Zurvita Zeal for Life product? Want FREE Samples?

Call the person that introduced you to Zurvita and ask for 2 FREE Zeal for Life wellness samples and a hard copy of the Zeal for Life Doctor's Report! This is critical! You need to see for yourself how amazing this product really is. Most people feel a difference within 20-minutes. Feeling a difference is just the beginning for many people!

Click Here to download the Zurvita Zeal for Life Doctor's Report PDF.
Click Here if no-one has talked to you about Zurvita and you want Free Zeal for Life Samples and more!


If it's meant to be, it's up to you...

NOTE: Any income statements contained within this message demonstrate the range of earning achieved by top earners in our active sales force. Most Independent Consultants do not achieve these levels, so you should not consider these results a guarantee that you will achieve any specific earning level. Your earnings are dependent upon your own efforts and abilities. Actual earnings also depend upon the organization size that you build, the number of sales and override commission you earn and the efforts of your down line.

The #1 Record Breaker

Colter Brinkley, Zurvita Ambassador!

Colter Brinkley, M.S., Zurvita Ambassador broke the first speed record for getting to the top of Zurvita. Colter has been a top earner in the Network Marketing Industry for over 24-years.

He has been featured in Success Magazine, the book "Dream Achievers" and many other publications.

He is a master trainer and the founder of the Success Stories Group! You will work directly with Colter Brinkley and his MLM Support System!


The #1 Support System

The Success Stories Group Support System!

The Success Stories Group is not only the fastest growing group, but is also the most comprehensive distributor support system in the MLM Network Marketing Industry.

This system delivers 24/7 training, support and personal development. Imagine a support system that does all the things you should do as a sponsor and is designed to reduce attrition during the explosive growth phase.

Click the "About SSG" link if you would like to know why winning is the only possibility with the Success Stories Group. It is very important that you understand how the SSG Support System overcomes the top 3 reasons why people fail in MLM home business opportunities.

Start with the "Home" link if you want the full story about the Success Stories Group!

The #1 Car Program

The Zurvita Business Opportunity Car Program!

Read the Zurvita Compensation Plan PDF and see for yourself that the qualifications for earning a new Mercedes, BMW or Cadillac are easy when you compare to other MLM companies.

The #1 Bonus Plan

Zurvita All-Star Team Bonus Plan!

Watch the Team Bonus Video (Left) and see just how easy it is to earn Team Bonus money with Zurvita!

No other MLM company Compensation Plan can compete with the Zurvita Compensation Plan!

The #1 Person. YOU!

Join Zurvita and the Success Stories Group and win in MLM!

YOU can WIN in MLM wth Zurvita and the Success Stories Group.

Success Stories Group #1 in the USA & Canada!
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